»CROSSING SIGNS, 14 artists from Germany and Indonesia experiencing the liminal zone

CROSSING SIGNS, 14 artists from Germany and Indonesia experiencing the liminal zone

Exhibitions: 20.-28. march 2011 Taman Budaya Yogyakarta (ongoing)
2. - 10. april 2011. Opening Exhibition at Indonesian National Gallery Jakarta. 2 April. Saturday. 7.30 Pm
Event: Artists and Curators discussion in Bali (Sika gallery-25 Maret. 15 pm.), Yogyakarta (Taman Budaya Yogyakarta-28 Maret, 15 pm.), Lampung (Taman Budaya lampung-4 April), Bandung (Galeri Soemardja-7 April, 01 pm.) dan Jakarta (Indonesia nasional Galeri-9 April, 15 pm.)

Curators: Leonor Veiga (Portugal), Sudjud Dartanto (Indonesian)

Project manager: Lenny Ratnasari Weichert (Indonesian), Franziska Fennert (Germany).
Event Coordinators: Nisak Latifah (KERSAN ART STUDIO Yogyakarta)
Artist: Indonesia-Lenny Ratnasari Weichert, Made Aswino Aji, Sigit Bapak, Deni Rahman, Lashita Situmorang, Indra Dodi, Rifqi Sukma.
Germany- Franziska Fennert, Fee Vogler, Yasmin Alt, Paul Pretzer, Ulrike Stolte, Cosima Tribukeit, Tilman Hornig

past event: www.udystopia.com


Crossing Signs is the second part of a bilateral German-Indonesian project. This endeavour represents the various interpretations of a body of ideas, that in due process became subject-formed through the many categories of its given identities.

In the current international geopolitical context, the perception of ‘My World’ and ‘My Images’ resonates in multiple ways, depending on who is presenting, and who is receiving them. By using real or fictional narratives, artists question the value of the images of the world – especially their own world –, which we all receive daily and passively swallow.

The created worlds/works of the artists constitutes a ‘liminal zone’, which encompasses their fantasies and desires, frustrations, alienations, egos and alter egos. Within this zone, both Germany and Indonesia can be real or imaginary, symbolizing their own historical and cultural processes, contributing to a reading of contemporary conditions, reflected not simply by one’s birthplace and geo-cultural conditioning.

The Exhibition intends to be a ‘neutral’ zone – one that we normally don’t consider –, the coming together of two different geo-cultural contexts and realities, an area where mutual coincidences take place.

Crossing Signs adalah bagian kedua dari proyek bilateral Jerman-Indonesia. Proyek ini menyajikan beragam tafsir, kaitannya dengan proses menjadi subjek-(yang) terbentuk melalui berbagai kategori identitas yang terberi.

Dalam konteks geopolitik internasional saat ini, persepsi ‘Dunia Saya’ dan 'Imej Saya' beresonansi dengan berbagai cara, tergantung pada siapa yang merepresentasikan, dan siapa yang menerima mereka. Dengan menggunakan narasi-narasi nyata atau fiksional, para seniman mempertanyakan nilai-nilai atas gambaran dunia (dalam arti berbagai stereotipe)- yang secara pasif kita ‘telan’ setiap hari.

Karya/-atau bisa diartikan sebagai ’dunia’ yang telah dibuat (dikreasi) para seniman membangun sebuah 'zona liminal', (area) yang mencakup berbagai (representasi) fantasi, frustasi, pengasingan, ego dan alter ego mereka. Baik Jerman dan Indonesia bisa menjadi (berarti) nyata, atau imajiner, menyimbolkan proses sejarah dan budaya mereka sendiri, memberi kontribusi pada pembacaan kondisi kontemporer, yang tidak hanya direfleksikan secara mudah (dipahami) oleh (hanya dengan) tempat kelahiran seseorang dan kondisi geo-kultural.

Pameran ini bermaksud untuk menjadi sebuah zona 'netral' – sesuatu yang biasanya tidak kita pertimbangkan -, sebuah kedatangan bersama dua konteks dan realitas geo-kultural yang berbeda, sebuah wilayah dimana berbagai peristiwa yang tidak disengaja (secara timbal balik) mengambil tempat (peluang).

Sudjud Dartanto – Noor Veiga, Exhibition Curators-Kurator Pameran

Sudjud Dartanto (b. 1976) is a lecturer and cultural researcher who studied a BA at Faculty of Visual Arts, Indonesian Art Institute (ISI), and an MA in Religious and Cultural Studies at Sanata Dharma University, both in Yogyakarta.
In 2003, as part of Asialink Australia residential program he participated in a residency at the Institute of Modern Art (IMA) and in Fusion Gallery, Brisbane, in Australia. Has been a delegate in several international forums, including the People to People Exchange Program by ASEAN (Yogyakarta, 2003). The former consisted in a series of events in collaboration with Shanghai Biennale Translocalmotion, by IFA and Biennales in Dialogue, a forum associated to the Sydney Biennale – Revolutions-Forms that Turn (2008).
Dartanto has been involved in international creative projects over the last years: South Project, 5th International south-south Gathering (South Project, 2009); guest curator for Trajectory, a contemporary ceramic exhibition involving Indonesian and Australian artists in Darwin, Australia (Museum and Gallery of Northern Territory, 2008). He has done extensive curatorial work in collective exhibitions: Neo-nation (Biennale Jogja IX, 2007), Immemorial, Reaching Back Beyond Memory, a collaboration project between contemporary artists from Yogyakarta and Darwin, (24 Hours Art Space and ICAN – Indonesian Centre, 2009), U(dys)topia, a German and Indonesia exchange project, (HfBK Dresden and Freies Museum Berlin, Germany, 2010).

Noor Veiga (b. 1978) graduated with a MA in Curatorial Studies from the University of Lisbon Fine Arts School (FN-UL) and Gulbenkian Foundation. Being a Research Fellow at CIEBA (Fine Arts Research and Studies Centre) at FN-UL since 2010, she has presented several talks: Ashley Bickerton - a new Asia, Art & Society seminar; Indonesian Batik - Memory and Contemporaneity, Orient-Occident seminar; Indonesian Batik: encounters with China, 5th Chinese-Portuguese International Seminar.
Her curatorial projects include exhibitions in diverse locations, such as Macau – Indonesian Batik (CCI, 2007); Ilha de Mozambique’s Maritime Museum in (AWW and PI, in 2007); Lisbon for Tough Love, curated by Shaheen Merali in 2010, and Women on a verge of a nervous breakdown, ex-aquo New Curators 2009. More recently, she collaborated as co-curator of Crossing Signs, in Yogakarta and Jakarta, Indonesia.
Her research for the Baroque 1620-1800: Style in the Age of Magnificence exhibition, was part of her internship at the Victoria & Albert Museum for a period of 6 months in 2008. She went onto work for the Water Museum, Lisbon for another period of 12 months. Here she specialised in site-specific guided tours on the historic legacy of innovation within urban development.
Her recent activities include the mentoring of young students in the traditional crafts from Indonesia, specifically batik as well as specialising in the communication and intercultural production of knowledge between the continents of Asia and Europe. Veiga has archived the curatorial work and writings by Shaheen Merali for a website. The capacity to work alongside institutions and individuals has allowed her to develop a great propensity about issues and theories that are emerging from the Asian Continent. (*)
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