»Stuffed Puppet, New Icons Yogyakarta Special Souvenir

Stuffed Puppet, New Icons Yogyakarta Special Souvenir

Citizen6, Yogyakarya: If you are visiting the cultural city of Yogyakarta, definitely warm, bakpia, batik, and various other crafts would not be passed as souvenirs for relatives or relations. Currently there is a new creation that can be an alternative as a souvenir or gift from Yogyakarta, the Wayang Puppet.

Unlike the existing dolls, this doll puppet character native to Indonesia. As Semar, Gareng, Petruk, Bagong, Gatotkaca, Arjuna, Hanuman, and so forth. Unique character dolls, funny, creative and this tradition was initiated by a group of citizens who care about preserving Javanese culture 'in particular puppet', as a form of concern for the nation's own traditions tergusurnya following the invasion of foreign culture.

"As a result of the invasion of foreign culture, children no longer know the Wayang tradition of his own people," said Achmad Syariffudin, the initiator of the Wayang Puppet. "Therefore, a media play at the same time introducing children to the traditions of the nation early on with more fun," he added.

From here, Ahmad and his friend, Edi Santosa, makes the creation of this new form of Wayang Puppet. This creation has received enthusiastic response from various circles, as it is considered as one of the media and the introduction of effective national tradition of learning to children. No doubt, the orders continued to arrive from various cities in the country. Moreover, the price is quite cheap and affordable. Due to many requests, Achmad said, she is often overwhelmed shall meet all orders.

Dolls made of cloth material and fitted with various accessories diadora of flannel, cloth of gold and gold plastic. In Yogyakarta itself, these puppets can be found in a number of places selling souvenirs or the Cultural City souvenirs. Or if you have time, you can stop by the house in Perum SBI Wayang Puppet Block E/142 Sidorejo, Ngestiharjo, Poor, Bantul, Yogyakarta (No. HP. 081 328 120 700).

"Yes, hopefully with these puppets, kids can be more loving culture of the nation itself," said Ahmad, adding that the full info can be found in "http://bonekawayang.blogspot.com/" (Sender: Trie)

(sumber : citizen6.liputan6.com)
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